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Gran Turismo 5: PS3 'not enough' to handle Yamauchi's vision

Polyphony boss says he's been "restricted" by hardware

The PS3 is arguably the most technologically impressive games console on the market - but the creator of Gran Turismo 5 has claimed the system still wasn't powerful enough to yield the game he wanted to make.


Polyphony boss Kaz Yamauchi believes that every PlayStation he has worked on has "restricted" his grand vision of a truly lifelike racer - and that Sony's latest is no different.

"Software has to be created under the restriction of the hardware," he told the latest issue of Esquire UK. "With each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but it's still not enough.

"With Gran Turismo 5 we've made it as clean and beautiful as possible within the confines of the space we're given - but of course there's a lot more that we want to put in."

The man's ambition seems to know no limits. Luckily for us, he won't be able to squeeze any more cleanliness or beauty into the much-delayed GT5: Yamauchi announced that it had gone gold earlier this week.

We're still waiting on an official release date - although Sony reckons that the title will be here before Christmas. Fingers crossed.

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