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Devs more interested in 3DS than they were in DS

Japanese and overseas developers showing aggressive support for next-gen handheld

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said developers the world over are showing "much stronger" interest supporting the new 3DS than they were in the original DS in the run up to its launch.

"I often travel abroad, so I have many opportunities to ask people in our subsidiaries about what our overseas software publishers think about Nintendo 3DS, and I know they have much stronger interest in it than when Nintendo DS was about to be launched," Iwata told investors.

"To say the least, our overseas publishers are not taking a passive approach to Nintendo 3DS at all. In fact, it is safe for you to think that they have been fairly proactive in thinking about this new hardware from the start," he added.

Iwata went on to say Hollywood seems just as interested, following the 3DS' E3 reveal at which Nintendo showcased its ability to play 3D movies to members of the Hollywood movie industry.

"When it comes to the opportunity for them to be able to show 3D movies, however, people in Hollywood currently do not believe that 3D television sets will be able to spread into ordinary households with rapid speed. I have the impression that they see Nintendo 3DS as a strong candidate to become the very first 3D device to be able to spread into the mass market in massive volumes," he said.

This mirrors previous a previous statement in which Iwata said 3DS will be the first mass-market 3D device, which is peeking the interest of TV and film companies.