APB could be salvaged in 'nine months'

But Codemasters isn't going to do it, says GM David Solari

APB, RealTime World's urban MMO, was sent to an early grave, but it might not stay there.

"Nine months of hard work" could turn the ambitious project around and make it live again, reckons Codemasters' general manager David Solari.

"[Realtime Worlds] made some key mistakes," he told EG, saying: "With some key stuff changed that game could be successful."

And he's pretty sure it's a deal waiting to be made. "Somebody will... If they don't pick up the game then they will pick up the technology for sure, because the avatar and character customisation technology is incredible. Something will definitely be done to preserve that," added Solari.

"I do think the game could be turned around but it would need nine months of hard work," he estimated. "That game could have been successful but the cost of development and everything else was a huge thing. The money it had to make to support that was very high risk. If you could take a smaller team and make all the fixes and operate at a lower cost then it's fairly unique: there's not really anything else in the market out there."

Despite rumours, Codies isn't doing it, he went on to make clear. "We have not picked up APB," he said.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]