Black Ops? No thanks - I'm off Duty

Opinion: Tom Pakinkis will be in bed by midnight...

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I know the whole point of the FPS is that I am the solider, that it's me fighting in uniform. But, to be honest, I just feel like a gun model on the end of a camera.

Why does my rifle always point dead straight? Why does my whole body rotate in unison when I turn? Why when I take cover do I just strafe to the side and stare point blank at a wall, my gun still pointing forward at the plaster?

That's not how people move, and it's certainly not how a super-duper commando would move - but an FPS rarely allows for much more.

Still, people love the format and Call of Duty does it best by a mile. Black Ops is going to be beautiful, it's going to have a killer story and killer instinct at its core. FPS fans are going to get exactly what they want - and almost certainly exactly what they expect.

Me? I'm tired of going to war.

That's why when the clock strikes midnight tonight, when the frozen queues begin slowly snaking into retailers and the tills start ringing, I'll be in bed - doing some First Person Sleeping instead.

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