Dead or Alive: Dimensions - A fighting revolution in 3D?

Team Ninja let fists fly on 3DS

Sex sells. Add 3D and it's likely to shift even more units.

Good news for Team Ninja then, whose next project is a reboot of the busty fighter series Dead or Alive.

"I certainly won't deny that there might be many, many users out there looking forward to that," laughs lead programmer Yasunori 'Snowman' Sakunda when pushed on the subject.

But don't dismiss Dead or Alive: Dimensions as a gratuitous booby-fest - it's really all about the fighting.

When the last game was released on the 360 Games Master scored it a knockout 85%. It still stands up today as one of the best 3D fighters on the console and the prospect of a new version, handheld or otherwise, is always going to get our pulses racing.

One of the biggest draws will undoubtedly be the new environments. More than any other fighter, the Dead or Alive series makes the arenas count as much as the characters.

Every one of them is a playground of pain filled with multiple tiers and breakable objects. Those in Dimensions promise to be even more impressive.

Sakunda explains that the 3DS 3D tech allows for an even more rich experience this time, both visually and emotionally.

"I'm naturally curious about the new technology and how it can enhance the experience for the user," he explains.

We're taking that as a reassuring hint of what's to come and evidence that Team Ninja aren't interested in 3D purely for the visual possibilities.


Even at this early stage Dead or Alive: Dimensions looks like a contender. It's certainly amongst the most exciting games announced for Nintendo's new pocket power house.

High praise indeed, and on the strength of what we've seen so far it'll deliver the goods - boobs and all.

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