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Want a new Elder Scrolls? So does this UK rapper

Worcestershire-based lad asks Bethesda to "get it together"

If enough people ask for something, does it make it happen - and more quickly?

We're big Fallout fans, but we're not alone in asking when we're going to get another Elder Scrolls game to follow 2006's brilliant Oblivion.

We've had the excellent Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas since 2006, and we'd like a new Elder Scrolls before we get another Fallout title - would you kindly oblige, Bethesda?

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire-based UK rapper Dan Bull and friend clearly feel the same way too, as they say in this well-worded, well-rhymed plea - and we think they're bang on the money.

Freelance musician / designer Dan says got into games when he was seriously ill a few years back. He decided to mix them with his talent for rapping, leading to a four minute tune about the history of the medium, which is also embedded below.