Video: GT5's intro movie is long, bizarre

But you're going to watch it anyway

One thing that's always been great in Gran Turismo games - the intro video. Utter car porn. GT5's, however, is a little on the odd side.

It appears to chronicle the making of a car, which would be interesting if it didn't start way back at the refining of raw materials stage. We watched the first two minutes of it thinking it was a joke.

But no, the cars come later. 3:46 later, and the whole thing is almost seven minutes long. We wonder if it masks any sort of installation.

The recording's not great, and despite owning a surround sound setup the recorder still manages to bork the sound up, but you might as well watch it now so you don't feel obliged to when you get the game.

If you just want to see the proper GT-style shiny cars, skip to aforementioned point.

Update: The original video was removed by Sony, so here's an alternative one: