Gran Turismo 5 release date confirmed?

Rumors suggest we could have it this month...

Rumblings on the interwebs have suggested that Gran Turismo 5 may be released later this month.

According to Italian gaming website 4news, Sony plans to release Gran Turismo 5 on November 27 in the U.S and November 30 in Europe.

A Twitter account with the username IGN_UK also 'confirmed' the release for November 27.

However, the bio ties the profile to an 'IGN employee', which raises reliability questions.

Images of GT5 in the wild surfaced yesterday, along with a Trophy list, giving some weight to the rumor.

We've contacted Sony for a response and will keep you updated.

Earlier today a bizarre intro movie for Gran Turismo 5 also made its way onto the internet. Check it out.

[ SOURCE: 4news ]