Black Ops launch - Video shows Wayne Bridge spanking everyone

Man City player takes the stage to chorus of boos...

Yesterday was the night of the Call of Duty: Black Ops launch event in London. Did you know?

A highlight of the Battersea Power Station event was Man City defender Wayne Bridge taking to the stage (to a fair few boos - no Mancs in London on a Monday night?) to compete in an online sportsman Black Ops session against Dutch football legend Clarence Seedorf, among others.

This video is no longer available

"I don't get to play it much," said the footballer, before absolutely spanking everyone else my means of rifle, knife and grenade. Presenter George Lamb retorted: "Bollocks, you play this five hours a day!"

We managed to capture a short video for you. He's playing against a bad bunch, sure - but at least he knows where the sprint button is.

Trust us, most of the 'celebs' that do this sort of thing suck badly - spending most of their time looking at the sky - so Bridge's passable performance is something of a turn up for the books.