Will Kinect be overshadowed by Black Ops?

Debate: Kinect launches tomorrow, but will you be playing CoD?

Kinect finally arrives in the UK tomorrow and, as with any major gaming launch, retailers up and down the country will be hosting midnight launch events so that we can all queue up outside.

But will there be queues at all? With Kinect's launch coming just 24 hours after Call of Duty: Black Ops there's a chance the usual line-lovers won't be up for a second outing and an even bigger chance that they'll be behind closed door for the next month hammering Treyarch's latest.


Is the Kinect midnight launch even aimed at CoD lovers? Analysts said yesterday that Move is for hardcore gamers, not Kinect.

Does that mean we'll see mums, dads and kids queuing at midnight rather than the veteran gaming faithful? We doubt it.

Are you planning on being there for the Kinect launch? Were you there for Black Ops? After some of the hysterical CoD scenes last night, will the arrival of Kinect be a bit of an anti-climax?

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