Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: 10 things you should know

Uncovering The Truth behind Ubi's historical utopia...

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Explanation? We don't have one, but it seems as though certain synchronisation-based tasks will unlock silly extras.

Here's hoping the unicorn's horn can be used for a spot of mounted stabby-stab action...

Looting dead bodies and secret chests uncovers a strange selection of material. In a couple of minutes we'd bagged ourselves some medicine (very useful), a jar of leeches (less useful) and some incense (not useful beyond making your new hideout under Tiber Island smell nice, we suppose).

Not all the items have practical uses when on the move, but all can be sold at the shops for extra dough and some shops have store-specific missions asking you to collect certain items to replenish stock levels.

According to Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood began life after Assassin's Creed II was finished. Only it didn't.

The majority of the single-player mode did - although plenty of Brotherhood's new features were held over from ACII's ideas sheet, and multiplayer was in development at Ubisoft Annecy long before the last game shipped.


After a brief play with all of the goodies you unlocked in Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood pulls the Metroid trick of stripping away your abilities and then drip-feeding them back to you one scene at a time.

We won't spoil how the reset button is pushed beyond saying Ezio's return to Rome wasn't through choice.

Storywise it's not too jarring, thankfully, and you do get to witness some sexy time before it happens.

The glyphs are back. The codes at the end of each puzzle in Assassin's Creed II turned out to be the co-ordinates of more conundrums - brain-teasers which Ezio can climb into this time around and drop out of the history books altogether.

We managed to track down a glyph just inside the entrance to the Pantheon, and it took us to another 'pick five pictures out of ten' puzzle - an old favourite from the last game.

We weren't actually permitted to see The Truth video, but a sneaky glance through the menu screen suggests it's going to be ten pieces long this time around.

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