Sony dismisses latest GT5 release rumours

"We have not made any official announcements," says SCEA rep

SCEA has dismissed the latest in a line of reports that Gran Turismo 5 will be out later this month.

An Italian website reported a November 27 release for the racer in Europe, and November 30 for US. The Nov 27 date also cropped up earlier on an 'IGN UK' Twitter feed that turned out to be fake.

It all sounded like hot air to us, but we spoke to Sony anyway and it seems there's no official grounding to these reports.

An SCEA rep has told CVG: "Unfortunately we can't comment on this as it is a European page and we don't know where this information is coming from. We have not made any official announcements on launch timing yet."

Images of GT5 in the wild surfaced yesterday, along with a Trophy list.

The game's (rather odd) intro video has also made its way onto the internet. Check it out.