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Kudo on Kinect: 'We're extremely confident'

Creative lead Tsunoda discusses UK launch

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We've got lots of great stuff available at launch. You can see what we're doing with the games, the great voice stuff we're movies and Sky - but I do think it's going to be the kind of thing we're going to continue to build on and continue to deliver new features, so that anyone who buys the Kinect sensor now will be able to get all those types of fun things to do over time as we deliver new types of platform features.

Finally, what advice would you give to our readers who'll be approaching Kinect for the first time tomorrow?

The great thing about Kinect is you don't need any advice on how to approach it. The whole system's been built so that the thing you know how to do naturally as far as using your body and voice are the things that will make you good at playing the games - that's the great thing about Kinect.

You don't need any instructions and you don't need any advice from me. The only advice I'd give you is go buy Kinect and try it out - just jump in and have a good time.

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