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Kinect sales 'really awesome' - Kudo

European launch "critical" to sensor's success, says creative lead

Kinect sales have been "really awesome" during its first week on shelves in North America, creative director Kudo Tsunoda told CVG at the UK launch last night.

Speaking to us in a rare break from canoodling with fans, Kudo said he sees Europe as "critical" to the success of the Xbox 360 motion sensor.


"Sales are going really awesome [in the US]. At our launch event in Times Square we had 2,000 people lined up at midnight to get in and buy Kinect," he said.

"To see so many great people here at the launch events here in the UK... sales are going really well. We're just excited to be able to do another launch party here in London.

"I think no matter what, there are a lot of people in Europe who love playing video games. Europe's not only critical to the success of something like Kinect; I think Microsoft and Xbox as a company is always very aware of the importance of this area of the world to doing anything successful in video games," he added.

Kinect officially went on sale in the UK this morning following a launch event at the Natural History Museum featuring among others, songstress Leona Lewis. Check out our pics, why don't you?

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