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MS expects 'immediate' Kinect sell out in the UK

Xbox boss says US success will be replicated in Britain

Stephen McGill, boss of the Xbox business in the UK, has told CVG that the company expects an "immediate" Kinect sell out.


"Lots of the retailers out there [in the US] reported an immediate sell out and we're not expecting anything different here," he said at the motion cam's official UK launch last night.

"Lots of the retailers closed their pre-orders a good few weeks ago for launch night allocations and obviously the responsibility for us now is just to keep on replenishing that stock."

McGill also said that Microsoft's doing everything it can to make sure there's enough Kinect stock for Christmas.

"We're manufacturing 24 hours a day, seven days a week - lots of planes, boats and trucks are planned and lined up ready to get regular replenishment stock out there. I think a lot of people are going to be enjoying this for Christmas this year."

Kinect officially went on sale in the UK this morning following a launch event at the Natural History Museum featuring among others, songstress Leona Lewis. Check out our pics, why don't you?

We also interviewed Kinect creative lead Kudo Tsunoda.