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Windows Phone 7 makes poor start

Report suggests just 40,000 units sold on day one in the States

Windows Phones 7 devices reportedly sold just 40,000 units on US launch day, despite receiving a $100 million-plus advertising campaign.

That's according to The Street, which wrote (via Evil Avatar):


'Even with a glitzy media intro last month hosted by champion inside-seller and company chief Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, which spent a reported $100 million on the phone's advertising campaign, sold a mere 40,000 Windows 7 phones Monday, according to a market research source who tracks phone sales.'

According to the report, Microsoft spent over $2500 on development costs per phone.

The platform holder has described Windows Phone 7 as "a new and major games platform".

Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live features include avatars, friend lists and achievements.

EA is bringing Need For Speed Undercover, Tetris, The Sims 3 and Monopoly to Windows Phone 7 handsets, while Gameloft, Konami, Namco Bandai, PopCap and THQ are also confirmed to support the platform.

[ SOURCE: Evil Avatar ]