CoD: Black Ops is sub-HD, 360 trumps PS3

360 version is "clearly superior-looking" , say experts

Call Of Duty: Black Ops is sub-HD on both 360 and PS3 - but the Xbox version of the game is "clearly superior-looking", according to experts.

In terms of resolution, the PS3 comes out second best. Modern Warfare 2 hovered around the 1040x600 mark, with 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing - something the 360 version of Black Ops reportedly matches.


However, according to Digital Foundry, the PS3 version of Treyarch's shooter has been reduced to 960x544, albeit it with 2X MSAA. However, DF notes that Black Ops is "a good-looking release on both formats".

The PS3 version also suffers from "screen tear" according to the tech experts - although this is "pretty much unnoticeable" - whilst the 360 version does not.

360 also trumps the PS3 version when it comes to shadowing, which DF claims is "poorly filtered and of a lower resolution" on Sony's console.

However, perhaps the biggest talking point is frame rate.

"While neither version is locked at 60FPS, there is what we've called in the past a 'perceptual 60FPS', where despite the frame-drops you still feel as though you're getting the advantages of the fastest possible frame-rate," DF notes.

"There's a fine line in this perceptual divide, but when there can be as much as a 20FPS difference between the two versions, it's safe to say that it's the Xbox 360 version that more consistently delivers the feel of 60FPS gameplay."

When it comes to 3D the difference is even more exaggerated. "The 3D version of Black Ops on PS3 really isn't very satisfying at all, unfortunately..." says DF. "We've logged the PS3 game running as low as 20FPS [in 3D] - and that's just in the very first street battle in the initial Cuba level."

Ouch. It won't surprise you to hear that Digital Foundry concludes the Xbox 360 game feels "more playable [and] satisfying" and is "clearly the pick of the two HD console releases".

The news comes after PS3 players took to Treyarch's forums to complain about a host of in-game bugs.

What do you reckon, readers? How have your PS3 experiences been?

[ SOURCE: Digital Foundry ]