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Kinect materials cost Microsoft £35

Platform holder seemingly making a nice profit per unit

The cost of materials for each Kinect unit is reportedly just shy of £35.


That's according to a recent teardown analysis of the kit by UBM TechInsights, which found that the motion cam contains chips made by PrimeSense, Marvell Technology Group, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics NV.

It also boasts four audio microphones, an infrared camera and two image sensors, EETimes reports.

We already knew Microsoft was going to sell Kinect for a profit, and the research indicates there's a decent mark up on the each unit, which retail for £130.

UBM TechInsights technical marketing manager Allan Yogasingam was certainly impressed with the tech, noting:

"The future applications of this technology could be fascinating. I can see this being incorporated into televisions-allowing users to change the channel by waving their hand, essentially replacing the remote control."

[ SOURCE: EETimes ]