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The 7 best FPS games ever

Black Ops? What's Black Ops?

Tis the season to be jolly!

No, not because Christmas is just around the corner (kind of) and everyone is looking forward to stuffing their faces with tasty turkey whilst making merry with friends and family.

Because Call of Duty: Black Ops has been released and everyone is joyfully riddling their fellow man with virtual bullets.

This week's Black Ops release has activated our nostalgia centres and got us thinking about our favourite first-person shooters.

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to list our picks for the seven best first-person shooters of all time. Here goes.


Until the release of GoldenEye, the first-person shooter genre was a domain entirely dominated by the PC.

Sure there were dozens of console shooters on the market, but as far as we remember the majority of them were abominations purchased by gamers yearning for a PC FPS experience. The remaining few were passable games that provided players a momentary reprieve from the PC envy eating them up inside.

GoldenEye's greatest achievement was multiplayer; it was perfectly balanced (with the exception of hat throwing midget Oddjob) and packed with dozens of memorable characters, maps and guns.

Competitiveness reached the point where people resorted to fashioning makeshift screen-guards out of cardboard to ensure other players couldn't get the competitive edge by sneaking a quick peek at their quadrant of the screen.

While GoldenEye might not have given gamers an experience on par with the best of the PC at the time, it did set the standard for all future console shooters.

The single player campaign is still one of the few examples of a licensed property done right, which is surprising considering developer Rare wasn't keen on working on a licensed property at all.


Four years after GoldenEye, Microsoft and Bungie released a little title called Halo: Combat Evolved, it starred some sort of Lego Power Ranger called Master Chef or something.

While the first two games in the series were certainly brilliant, it wasn't until the third game in the blockbuster franchise that it truly became one of the best shooters of all time.

Halo 3 had the perfect storm of gameplay modes; an outstanding single player campaign that could be played co-operatively online, a robust multiplayer component with an overwhelming amount of different game types and the debut of the ground breaking Theatre Mode and Forge mode.

What more do you people want?


The fact that Black Ops doesn't make the list isn't indicative of its quality, it's a fantastic game - just ask all the sleepyheads in the office that have chosen to sacrifice precious shut-eye hours for "just one more game of Team Deathmatch".

The thing is, it's a refinement of a winning formula, one that was established in the original Modern Warfare.

We all knew Modern Warfare was going to be special when we saw that infamous E3 video. You know, the one where the player is hiding in some grass and a squad-mate wearing a Ghillie suit emerges from the grass like Batman from a shadow?

Few of us, however, could have predicted just how popular it would become. It was the first FPS game to truly blur the line between the 'hardcore' and the 'casual' gamer, creating a whole new subset of gamers dedicated to playing Call of Duty exclusively.

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