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Kotick discusses Call Of Duty subscription revenues

Bobby wants more cash out of Microsoft

Activision boss Bobby Kotick is keen on grabbing more cash from Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold subscription revenues - because he claims Call Of Duty is a major reason people sign up to the service.

According to Kotick, Activision enjoys but a "very modest amount of [Microsoft's] subscription fees" but wants more - which he pledges would go to "directly benefiting the Call of Duty players".

According to Activision estimates, Call of Duty games account for around half of the globe's total Xbox Live traffic.


"What we'd like to ideally see is that the investment in the subscription fees going towards the provision of a higher level of customer service [...] to see some portion of the subscription fees go towards game enhancement," he told Joystiq.

When asked directly if an Activision-run subscription service for Call Of Duty may be in the offing, Kotiq was less candid.

"We have an obligation to provide a return for our shareholders," he said, in what Joystiq describes as 'playing the dependable role of businessman'.

"At the same time, I think we've probably done more to try and create innovative ways for people to pay for their games."

Activision will struggle to put in place such a subscription service on Xbox Live, which has been described as a "walled garden" by many industry execs, due to its 'closed' nature to third-party revenue generation.

What's clear, though is that Activision feels it should be earning more from the popularity of CoD Online.

In September, the firm's COO Thomas Tippl stated that some kind of premium online CoD service was "in the pipeline", whilst Kotick himself has admitted that he'd implement a subscription service "tomorrow" if he could.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]