Gran Turismo 5: Will you demand perfection?

Debate: Do delays mean we should expect the best?

Gran Turismo has finally been given a date for release.

You'd be forgiven for not sitting too comfortably though, since GT5 has seen more delays than Heathrow Airport after a dusting of snow.

November 24, however, does seem like the real deal (it has to be, surely) which means that in a mere ten days you'll have Gran Turismo 5 in your warm, clammy hands.

Yamauchi has compared the high-end racer to the Apollo Space Programme, which is pretty hyperbolic but gives us some idea as to the kind of work that's gone into this product.


So, after all this time, after all the delays, after all the fine-tuning GT5 has to be the perfect racer, doesn't it?

We can remember, way back in 2007, feeling slightly aggrieved at the news that the Gran Turismo 5 release date might be pushed back to 2008 - how sweet that date sounds now.

Around three years on and we've had delay after delay and still no GT5 to show for it.

Usually, when massive games like Fallout: New Vegas and Call of Duty: Black Ops hit the shelves and still have a few niggles that need to be straightened out with post-release patches, we're a pretty understanding bunch.

But after all these years, will you tolerate anything less than perfection? Will you overlook any post-release creases as long as they are ironed out quickly, or will you hit the roof if there's even a hint of a glitch?