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Kinect goes 3D with new hack

More crazy things you can do with Microsoft's camera

Footage of a new Kinect hack has emerged on the net, showing how the Microsoft motion sensor creates a 3D image of your bedroom.

The latest Kinect tech-head has found a way to put this image into his computer so that he can manipulate it by zooming in and out and rotating the image.

Check it out below:

This second video shows how Kinect is able to measure things. Yeah, not very exciting is it? We should've probably started with this one and built up.

The first Kinect hack was revealed earlier this month. It allowed modders to move the camera's little head up and down.

We should say that Microsoft doesn't consider this kind of think hacking "as the software and hardware that are part of Kinect for Xbox 360 have not been modified."

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]