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PSPgo price slashed AGAIN

Handheld goes down to £129 - the second cut in a month

Sony's yet again slashed the price of the PSPgo, this time chopping off £30 to take the handheld down to £129 on the UK Sony Store.

[UPDATE: Looks like it's a website error. Everybody calm down.]

The latest cut comes just weeks after the platform holder lowered the PSPgo's RRP worldwide, reducing its price by 40 quid to £159.99.


In less than a month then, the handheld's seen its RRP reduced by £70.

The price cuts arrive shortly after PSP was almost outsold by the PlayStation 2 in the three months leading up to September 30 this year.

Despite the doom and gloom though, the first cut at least saw PSPgo sales triple in Japan.

Anyone tempted now?

[ SOURCE: Sony Store ]