DC Universe Online screens are heroic

Get a better look at SOE's upcoming MMO

Sony Online Entertainment has released new screens showing off gameplay from DC Universe Online.


DCUO has an all-star development team which includes legendary comic book artist Jim Lee as well as EverQuest developer Chris Cao.

Although the screens show of a lot of custom heroes, eagle-eyed comic book fans will also spot cameos from a few Green Lantern Corps. members, Poison Ivy and J'onn 'Martian Manhunter' J'onzz.

In DCUO, players will create their own custom heroes complete with powers and weapons and then get to choose to allign themselves with the forces of good or evil.

Though you won't be able to play as DC's most famous heroes you will be able to fight alongside famous faces such as Batman or villains such as Joker.

Sony has also released a brilliant six-minute trailer for the MMO.