'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will change things forever' - Ubisoft

Changes will have a big impact says designer

Ubisoft's lead game designer on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Steve Masters, has said that the changes made to Brotherhood will have significant influence on the series' direction.


In an interview with PSM3 - which you can read here - Masters was asked if he felt that people were becoming more receptive towards Brotherhood, especially given the quick turnaround time on the game and its similarity to AC2.

Masters replied confidently, highlighting the game's strong storytelling, multiplayer and saying that Brotherhood is an essential part of the franchise that will have significant impact on future titles.

"Yeah, I think people started off with an idea of, you know, "they're pushing this out fast!" But really, once they see it, once they play it and experience it, they understand that it's actually a really huge game," said Masters.

"The additions that we're making to the gameplay and to the storyline change things forever. It's going to be a huge experience that people are going to really enjoy." he added.

PSM3 has awarded Assassin's Creed Brother 92% in its review, calling it an "inventive and entertaining addition".

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