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Rugby 2012 in the works

HB Studios to bring title back from the dead, it seems...

Rugby 2012 is back on track, if an incredibly tiny note on developer HB Studios' website is anything to go by.

The studio, which is behind the PSP version of FIFA 11 and the Wii version of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, is apparently "in full swing on 6 projects including Rugby 2012"

The news will please gamers with a particular passion for rugby, earlier this year they put together a petition for EA when it looked like EA's Rugby output was coming to a close.

HB Studios will not, however, be making the game for EA this time, CVG has learnt.

While the Rugby hasn't followed the every second year release pattern some expected, at least now there's mention of scrum fun to come.

[ SOURCE: HB Studios ]