Asda: Publishers 'understand' need for pre-owned sales

Supermarket says increasing competition forced it into second-hand market

Asda's head of games, Andrew Thompson, has said the supermarket chain was forced into the pre-owned games market by increasing competition - a move that he says games publisher 'understand'.

"We have been open and honest with publishers from the start of our trials, and having world class supplier relationships has always been really important to me," he told MCV, speaking of the chain's foray into the pre-owned market.

Along with other major stores, Asda now allows customers to trade in their used games against anything in store. But the boost this will provide to its games business will in turn benefit the publishers themselves, says Thompson.

"With Best Buy, Argos and Tesco all entering the pre-owned market before Asda this year, we have had to make a move to protect our long term games business, and I think that publishers understand that," he added.

"I genuinely believe that we can use trade-in to grow our market share on new release titles, which will benefit our suppliers."