Sagat headed to Street Fighter 4 iPhone

Tiger uppercut!

The iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, while a surprisingly good effort for a phone game, is missing a few faces compared to the full-fat console versions. But free incremental updates have slowly brought the package up to par. And Capcom's not finished.

Capcom's got a content-boosting patch on the way, reports Andrisang, which not only adds the Hyper Uppercut-throwing Thai fighter, Sagat, but also a few other neat features.

You will be able to activate a multiplayer standby mode that waits, while you enjoy the single-player mode, for other players to jump in and challenge you to a fight. You'll also be able to look at other player's stats.

The site has also posted a screenshot of DeeJay in action on the iPhone game, although it makes no mention of it in the report, so it remains unclear if he'll also be a part of the same update, which itself currently has no release date.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]