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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: What does Ezio have in common with George Clooney?

Assassin's Creed week: Ubisoft reveal how they created Ezio and Desmond. PLUS details on our facebook Q and A session today

Hello and welcome to day two of Assassin's Creed week on In case you missed yesterday's blog, we're posting one interview with the ACB team every day this week to celebrate the game's release (on this Friday 19th) and our exclusive review of ACB in the issue now on shelves. Grab it from all good supermarkets or order a copy here.

Live Facebook Q&A: today
For even more Assassin's Creed Brotherhood check out our latest podcast, yesterday's blog, or - and pay attention now - log on to our Facebook group from 1pm - 6pm today and post your questions about Brotherhood for Andy H, our resident Assassin's Creed expert (he actually has a hidden blade on his desk - no joke) to answer throughout the day. Look for the comment called ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD - YOUR QUESTIONS and leave your questions in the comments field.

Done that? Good for you. Now sit back and enjoy reading the Brotherhood development team talking Ezio and Desmond...

PSM3: How have you developed Ezio in Brotherhood, both in terms of his physical appearance and his character?
Mathieu Granjon, Artistic Director, Annecy Studio: Ezio is older now, he's no longer the emotional vengeance-seeker from AC2. It's not only about his quest now, he cares about those around him. He's executing a well-thought out plan in Brotherhood and biding his time before striking his targets. At the same time, he has to prove to the other, more-experienced Assassins that he knows what he's doing. He needs to rebuild an Order that has nearly fallen apart, and that will be a major challenge for him. It was important to me that the game convey the vast amount of work that goes into becoming a leader. It doesn't just happen overnight and it isn't easy. It sometimes seems as if people have forgotten that today, so I wanted to reintroduce that idea. In terms of Ezio's physical state, he is aging, he needs more help to do things that used to come easily to him, but, at the same time, he will have the powerful moves of the Brotherhood to assist him.

PSM3: Are there any particular figures in history or fiction that have influenced the approach you've taken to Ezio for Brotherhood?
MG: Ezio in Brotherhood was inspired by many different sources. Machiavelli's ideal leader, George Clooney's character in "Up in the Air" and some of the influential people in my own life, among others. Ezio demonstrates several of the essential traits required to become a leader as outlined by Machiavelli in "The Prince," so that would be a major inspiration.

PSM3: What do you see as the key differences in personality between Ezio and Desmond?
MG: Ezio has a more difficult burden to bear and much greater responsibility. He makes decisions and sacrifices a lot in Brotherhood. So far, Desmond has lived a privileged life. He's starting to step up, taking on a more active role, but something big will have to shift before he comes into his own.

PSM3: How do you flesh out Ezio's character after we've already lived with him through decades during AC2?

MG: During the Cristina Bonus Memories in Brotherhood, for example, Ezio flashes back to a relationship he once had with Cristina Vespucci, a girl he seduced at the beginning of AC2. These missions show the toll that a personal quest and the drive for leadership take on love. It's hard to change the world and have a successful relationship, as Ezio will learn. Players will have access to these bonus memories when they complete main memories the way Ezio lived them, achieving Full Synchronization.

There's more to come...
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