'Bland' Gran Turismo, Forza graphics avoided by NFS: Shift 2 - dev

Producer talks about performance and visuals

Shift 2: Unleashed producer Marcus Nilsson has said that EA's upcoming Need For Speed sequel won't match Forza's 60 frames per second performance, but indicated it will be a far more vibrant game as a result.


In an interview with Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Nilsson was asked if the development team was chasing Forza's 60 FPS performance.

He replied by saying that he believed developers made a choice between bland graphics, pointing to Forza and Gran Turismo as examples, or pushing consoles whilst taking a slight performance hit.

"You have to make a choice with today's tech. Either you go for - and this is harsh but it's what I think - the bland graphics of GT and Forza, or you try to push the bar for what consoles can do," said Nilsson.

"That's what Slightly Mad is doing, and hence the decision was made to aim for 30 frames," he added.

Check out the first official trailer for Shift 2: Unleashed here.

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