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APB: Reloaded - What do you want to see?

New owner requests fan feedback for inclusion in 2011's free-to-play reboot

APB was fraught with problems at launch. So much so that the online game was shut after just three months and effectively caused the death of developer Realtime Worlds.


But this week it was confirmed that MMO publisher GamersFirst had acquired the IP and plans to re-launch it as a free-to-play game called APB: Reloaded next year. Now the firm wants to know what you'd like to see in the title when it returns.

"We believe in putting our gamers first by encouraging the community to tell us what they like or dislike and then incorporate that feedback into our evolutionary development process," said GamersFirst CEO Joshua Hong.

GamersFirst technology boss Bjorn Book-Larsson added: "APB was a game that had several exceptional features and some brilliant ideas, even though it was plagued by some initial balance and monetisation issues.

"We want to take all the unique features of this title, such as its unparalleled character, weapon and car customization systems, and convert the game to a true free-to-play game."

He added: "We are deep into the planning and early execution stages for this next chapter of APB and we will share more details in the near future. In order to put 'Gamers First' we will also actively engage the community in many aspects of all the planned changes."

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.