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Sony launches new GT5 Academy contest

Gives gamers the chance to become real race drivers

Remember that competition that saw a couple of lucky Gran Turismo fans become real racing drivers? Yeah, the GT Academy, it was called. Well, Sony's doing it again.

Coinciding with the launch, FINALLY, of the full GT5 game next Wednesday, Sony has again teamed up with Nissan to run the contest which offers ninja players the chance to race their way out of the virtual into the real and race in a real tournament.

The GT Academy kicks off on December 20, and will see players "compete in a series of GT5 online trials using Nissan cars".

Contestants "will be narrowed down to the top 32 virtual racers in the US", explains Sony, who'll then "be invited to compete to become one of 16 GT Academy finalists in the live national finals event in March 2011." Europe went unmentioned in the announcement.

"The 16 finalists will compete in a series of challenges, including behind the wheel of real Nissan race cars, for a chance to become a professional race driver as the GT Academy winner. The ultimate GT Academy winner will train with elite race car drivers and race as part of a professional team," it adds.

And the whole thing will be documented on a reality show on the Speed channel in US, which is also wicked.

Get in on it by registering with GT Academy from December 6 on the official GT5 site.

Here's an announcement trailer:

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]