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Shenmue City gameplay details revealed

Yu Suzuki lifts the lid on his mobile project in Tokyo

We know it's not Shenmue 3, but any game with that word in the title just gets the taste buds tingling, doesn't it?

Shenmue City has been properly revealed in a presentation in Tokyo earlier this week, showing how the mobile-based social game will work.

Instead of controlling Ryu - the main character of the Dreamcast originals - players will take control of one of the townspeople of Yokosuka - where the first Shemue game was set.

The game starts off in this locale, although players will later be able to journey to Hong Kong as Ryo did in Shenmue 2. We like the sound of this.

A combat system will let players take on one another with fighters that fall into one of three categories; Kung Fu, weapons and magic experts.

The game will only be released on Japanese mobile sets and a Yahoo Online gaming portal, with the familiar settings of Yokosuka shown on the small screen. It's not clear if you'll be given the freedom to roam the town in real time, or if it'll be point and click-style gameplay.

Suzuki reiterated during the presentation his desire to make a Shenmue 3 that's on par in scope with the first two games.