Marvel vs Capcom 3 gameplay lands combos

See Zero and She-Hulk in action

Capcom has released a couple of gameplay videos showing off the latest fighters to join the Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster.

In the first video, Mega Man's Zero unleashes a few devastating combos. It's also worth pointing out the cool details in the game, such as how Captain America talks a little smack before the fight begins.

In the second video, She-Hulk dishes out a powerful beating. Another small but cool detail is how Hulk refers to She-Hulk as 'Jen' in the assist move, giving a nod to their family relationship.

Looks like Capcom is on track to please fighting game and comic book fans.

Capcom has confirmed Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will be available from February 18 2011, along with a few new characters.