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What will the future of gaming look like?

Interview: Former Sony boss, now Capcom COO, David Reeves glances forward...

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What do you think the next generation of home video games consoles will look like?

That's a really difficult one. It is really difficult to say when they put that stake in the ground. If there's a PS4, I don't think it will be that much different from PS3, other than that it will probably stick with Blu-Ray. With MS and with handhelds, there'll be a temptation to move to Flash memory.

I think there may not be an optical disc. I have no inside information at all, I just feel that Flash is so useful now, and the price is coming down so much.


It will be network-based, it will be Flash-based. Disc is expensive, but I don't think Sony can give up Blu-ray. Microsoft I think have a choice. As do Nintendo - and there's a big opportunity there. They already work with cartridges, which is essentially Flash. That's the medium they will use.

What else will they add? It will be exactly what smart-phones have done. You'll be able to organise everything on your home console. The big difference I think will be the relationship between the static console and its brother, which is the mobile. Say it's a PS4 and a PSP2 - only an example - they will be symbiotic.

Microsoft may bring out a console and a handheld, and Nintendo will do the same - they'll all be symbiotic. Although they're not agnostic - you can't play everything on all three - you might be able to find that on each console, you have a stripped down version of a game on the portable, and the full game on the static, within individual manufacturers. It's not rocket science to me. That almost certainly will happen.

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