CVG: Comments of the week

Funny words. Who's funny words? Your funny words

We've got quite the haul this week you chatty, chatty bunch.

We've had everything from long-winded anecdotes, to witty observations to rude words with "tastic" stuck on the end (haven't we, mogel94?).

We expect nothing but the best from you lot and you know why? Because you give nothing but the best.

Now get out there and tell the world that the CVG Mahoosive is the best for gaming related, user-generated innuendo and mediocre humour if you're into that sort of thing...Yeah!

Nintendo tell Conduit 2 devs not to use Wii Speak

I keep reading that guy's name as Nose-finger.

You mean it's not Tao? Aw, that's not as good.

Insane Black Ops video of the day: 50 seconds, 33 kills

This game luks mint! Will av to buy it l8r, dont fink da missus will like it but price of a nite out so its cool. time to pwn some pikey scum online lol

Mogs - Erm.... Codename21?

.....er.....In English, please


no thx m8, alredy got 2 bullies. bit skint atm too, had 2 take out more benefits for cod lol

.... We love Mogs.

Popular does not make something good.

The Bubonic Plague was popular in the 14th Century, certainly wasn't appreciated by many and I certainly don't like COD personally because of skill-less examples of its gameplay like this.

We think that's stretching the definition of popular bazzatuk.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets Zero

I was thinking, wow, thats a pretty harsh review

We all were The_Inebriator, we all were.

Got a dildo? Strap it on, demands Bulletstorm trailer


That'll do mogel94.

Makes me want to dropkick a dick in the tits

We don't understand this spam23, but it's hilarious.

You know, I was all ready to dismiss this as puerile and pathetic, but it actually looks really nice for a shooter!

But yes, Ann Summers and all that.

Thanks for playing Balladeer.


Don't worry Legendeer, we've got some spare in the cupboard.

This campaign needs a celebrity sponsor, how about Robbie Williams singing:

' Let me enterShenmue '

No? ok I'll be off then

The problem with that Grapple is that it sounds like it has iffy conotation. You see...

(boots Grapple out the door)

Err...We were talking to Grapple, Balladeer.

Video: Most embarrassing Black Ops kill yet?

How do you like them apples!!

Of course this is a funny comment by me due to the common belief that the phrase comes from mortar shells that look like toffee apples and in laymans terms - these explosive apple things are like grenades. A grenade that happened to hit the fella in the video in the plums - which are a type of fruit like apples. I'm starting to think maybe my comment wasn't funny - just tenuous. But I'm posting it anyway!

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