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Rift beta begins December 3

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Trion Worlds has confirmed the beta for its upcoming MMORPG is scheduled to begin on December 3.


The 'Rise of the Defiant' closed beta will have the first 20 levels the full starting zone for the techno-magical Defiant faction and an area called 'Freemarch'.

"This is a momentous event for the entire Trion team, as well as the fans that have been following RIFT since we first announced the game," said Scott Hartsman, RIFT's Executive Producer.

"We've created this deep, vibrant world that's just waiting to be populated with enthusiastic players, and our hope is that gamers will enjoy playing the game as much as we've enjoyed building it."

Players interested in the closed beta can sign up now at the Rift website or keep an eye on Rift's Facebook, Twitter, and community forum pages for obtaining VIP beta-keys.