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Kinect targets the boardroom

Motion cam to integrate with Microsoft video conferencing platform

If you thought Microsoft's Kinect ambitions were firmly tied to the gaming space then think again.


Yesterday, the company unveiled plans to integrate its Lync video conferencing platform with the newly released motion cam via a seamless update "coming out shortly".

Lync provides cross-platform video conferencing for mobiles, PCs and browsers, Edge reports.

"What we've done is really connected the game or the family room, living room scenario with the work scenario," said Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate VP of Office Lync and Speech.

"The fact that there are a million Kinects sold within the first few days, there's clearly a lot of excitement around that. We're very happy to bridge the Kinect network, the Windows Live network, the Lync enterprises, Lync Online together to form a really rich, federated network."

Kinect Video pictured

[ SOURCE: Edge ]