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L.A Noire: Hollywood come in, your time is up

The best movie you've never played

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Perhaps even more credit should be passed to the complexity and astuteness of Team Bondi's writing, however. On this evidence, Noire's characters have been crafted on page with the intelligence, maturity and bewitching idiosyncrasies their jaw-dropping animation deserves.

Those we've witnessed are more believable and multi-layered than anything we've previously seen in a Rockstar game; an amazing feat when you consider the studio's own sterling reputation for in-game personification.

A question mark exists over pacing (will an unhurried, dialogue-heavy adventure pass muster with Rockstar's core fans?), but this has astounding promise - a handsomely cinematic experience, housing an unflinching, surprisingly cerebral adult journey.

A better narrative-driven experience than the movies? L.A Noire might lift the lid on 1947 Hollywood's seedy underbelly - but it's Tinseltown 2010 that should have real cause for alarm.

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