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Hefty Witcher 2 Special Edition revealed

Plus exclusive DLC bonuses at specific retailers

Namco Bandai's got big plans for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings when it's released on May 15 next year.

When the game first goes on sale it'll come in two forms, a 'Premium Edition' and a 'Collector's Edition'. Despite being the normal-priced offering at £34.99, the Premium Edition packs the game with a Making Of DVD, the soundtrack, a nice printed map of the world, a guide, two papercraft figurines, a pamphlet and a coin which both apparently represent "yet to be revealed parts of the game".

The bulky 'Collector's Edition' package (pictured) hits your wallet for £79.99, but for that cash you get all of the Premium Edition stuff, along with: "a 200 page artbook, the infamous dice poker set (5 pcs.), a set of playing cards, a "how-to cheat guide" for dice and card games, three stickers to customise your belongings, an exclusive papercraft figurine (including Draug - one of the deadliest creatures in game), a real Temerian Oren - very handy if you ever happen to visit the kingdom of Temeria, an ultra-realistic head sculpture of Geralt and exclusive DLC which can be only found in this edition."


Breathe for a second.

So, the DLC referred to is "the "Roche Commando Jacket" (boosts Geralt's sword fighting skills and is one of the best items within the game)," says Bandai.

Only four retailers, HMV, Amazon, GAME and Play, will have the Collector's Edition available for pre-orders only, and you'll get yet another DLC perk depending on which you pre-order from:

GAME: Mysterious Merchant - In each chapter you'll find a shady tradesperson offering unique items which usually can't be bought in-game.

HMV: Ultimate Alchemy Suit - THE ultimate suit for every player focusing on alchemy. It contains unique items, increases the loot output and extends the duration of potions.

Play: Ultimate Magical Suit - If players focus on spells and magic this would be their DLC of choice. Contains a unique set of items, enhances the new sixth magical sign and boosts the effectiveness of all other signs.

Amazon: Ultimate Swordsman Suit - The art of sword fighting is led to new heights with this pack. Like the other suits it contains a set of unique items but also boosts the sword fighting statistics as well as increases the chance for triggering rare effects in combat.