Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit review - 9/10 in Edge

Criterion's NFS puts smiles on faces

Edge has released its review score for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and it's pleased with Criterion's latest racer, awarding it a 9/10 score.


In it's review, Edge highlights the games new Autolog feature, saying that it's "an innovation destined to be shamelessly cloned by the competition".

The review goes on to praise Criterion for resolving Need for Speed's yearly identity crisis by taking "the series back to its first principle of cops vs racers" and in the process creating a "high-octane combat racer of beauty and depth".

Despite the return to its simpler roots, the review posits that "Hot Pursuit is only rarely a straight-up racer" - in fact, it says, "Hot Pursuit is unlike any other racer".

Overall Hot Pursuit is "a gorgeously crafted game, but more than that, it's a slick package held together by the quite brilliant innovation of Autolog".

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