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Edge's latest 10/10 review score goes to....

EA claims perfect score

Getting a 10/10 review score from Edge is no easy task.

However, Harmonix's Rock Band 3 has managed what so few can and impressed the maestros enough to receive a perfect mark.


In its review, Edge argues that Rock Band 3 makes the biggest step in Harmonix's "journey towards its masterpiece" thanks to the new pro-guitar feature, which it describes as a "triumph" that sits as a bridge "comfortably in a vaccum between games and actual musicianship".

"Hour by hour, step by challenging step" the new feature "strips away the alienation of the instrument" and "there is simply no aspect of this game that isn't polished to near-perfection," it says.

The new additions all add up to creating "what is easily the best and most progressive rhythm-action game ever made", it concludes. "It is simply magnificent".

Read what we thought of Rock Band 3 here.

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