Assassin's Creed 3: What we want to see

Here's our list, but what do YOU want?

Yes we know Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood hit shelves only yesterday, but we've finished it, reviewed the robes off it and now we're looking to the future. Or should we say the past?

A lot of talk about Samurai Assassin's from Feudal Japan has been drifting along the internet airwaves since the notion of Assasssin's Creed 3 began to settle in people's minds.

That'd be cool, we can't deny it, but we want to throw another idea into the hat.

Wind the clock forward, to just under 100 years after Ezio's adventures and you'll find a chap squatting under the Houses of Parliament with far too much gunpowder.

We think 17th Century England would be a great setting for Assassin's Creed III. Not only would it give a completely different setting to anything that's come before (imagine a drab, dingy London town with lashing rain) but this period is packed full of revolution perfect for an AC story.

Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, for example, is a story with plenty of ideological and religious undertones we're sure Ubisoft could twist, adapt and pack with even more assassin friendly conspiracy.


If that isn't enough drama, the English Civil War kicked off around 40 years after Fawkes death, which fits well with the general AC theme of warring rival factions. The idea of a small, secretive group influencing the wider picture could easily be slotted in too.

OK so our assassin would probably be getting a tad old by that time if he/she was stabbing around at the time of Fawkes as well, but perhaps an aging yet still relatively nimble assassin would be a nice character twist.

Speaking of which...

We think it's time for a female assassin. Why? To be honest we're not entirely sure. We just get the feeling that girling up the Assassin's Guild a bit would make for a completely different personality than what's come before.
Altair was a fairly one-dimensional solid stone hero, Ezio went one better, evolving from a young tearaway, to a man with revenge on the brain, to a leader in the Brotherhood.

A female assassin would be a break from the macho massacring we've enjoyed so far and she could bring even more elegance to the role (not that Altair and Ezio aren't some of the most elegant male movers we've seen in games to date).

If you've had chance to delve into Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's multiplayer you might be familiar with the Courtesan as a killer character. Their moves are a bit more flamboyant, they have a bit more panache.

If Assassin's Creed III can introduce a female with a penchant for style as well as justice, we could see a completely different move set, a different level of agility and a different approach to killing than we've seen before.


If nothing else, we just like the idea that these groups of assassins are made up of people of different shapes, genders and backgrounds. Let's start showing that in the protagonists themselves.

First of all, we've always loved the brutality of the Assassin's Creed combat animations, they're some of the best in video games without a doubt. We loved knocking blocks off with a circular swing of the Maul in ACII and Brotherhood brought gems like the point-blank-back-of-the-head gunshot to the fight.

Brotherhood improved on the flow of combat as well, allowing Ezio to counter and move in for the kill on the next clown without hindrance, sticking together first-time kill combos.

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