Is this Xbox 360's worst ever game?

It doesn't get much more terrible, does it?

The Xbox 360 has its fair share of video game stinkers, there's Rogue Warrior, Bomberman: Act Zero and Vampire Rain to name a few.


However, Xbox 360 World magazine may have found a game worthy of the crown for all time worst Xbox 360 game.

505 Games' MorphX has received a shocking 9/100 in Xbox 360 World's review. The review, which pulls no punches, opens by saying that MorphX occupies the same turd ridden, rat infested tunnels as Atari's E.T. (which essentially killed the US home gaming market in 1982).

Although the game starts "off well enough with a surprisingly competent cut-scene" it quickly moves on to "unspeakably atrocious" attempts at third-person shooting.

According to the review both the shooting and melee mechanics "are broken" while the "jigsaw-style upgrade mechanic is needlessly complicated" and the level design is "laughable".

Leaving no stone unturned, the review moved on to MorphX's visuals, which it describes are "sub-PS2" and the story as simply "gash".

"Imagine standing in the middle of a packed train carriage in sweltering heat. Then imagine glugging on an entire bottle of laxatives, with no way of making it to the bathroom. There's more fun to be had trying to stop liquid brown dribbling down your thighs than there is in playing MorphX". Need we say anymore?

So, who's picking this one up then?

Issue 99 of Xbox World 360 features reviews of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Def Jam Rapstar and Fable 3 as well as a six-page preview of Homefront.

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