Gran Turismo 5: New gameplay videos show awesome rain, HD cars

Stunning footage pours from those lucky early owners

With Gran Turismo 5 discs sitting in retailer stock rooms in preparation for this Wednesday's launch, it's inevitable a fair few of those have found their way home already, and some sweet gameplay videos are trickling out.

The ones below are a couple of the best we've seen. One shows the game's incredible new rain effects, which seem to make racing conditions really tough. Water splashes up onto the windshield, visibility is low and you're going over 150mph, but never mind all that - how awesome does it look?

That's video's in the awesome Pagani Zonda on a course GT5: Prologue fans will recognise.

Next up, one of the best direct-feet videos (among reams of shitty off-screen mobile phone vids) we've seen, showing the game's familiar London street course in sweet 720p. The player's in a heavily modified Infinity G37 - a car from the Nissan family.

Notice the tyre smoke from the car ahead when he loses control momentarily and the rear end kicks out.

When you watch, do it properly - hit the 720p button.