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Video: Man wins Gran Turismo 5 race... in REVERSE

He can see his competitors' amazed faces as he crosses the line...

In what's almost certainly set to cause an emergency patch, a man has videoed himself winning a Gran Turismo 5 kart race driving in reverse.

We're sure you'll agree that we're definitely trying this come Wednesday.

When you're done, tell us what you think of this awesome fan-made alternate intro to the game. Much better than the real intro, we reckon.

Look for our Gran Turismo 5 review in the coming days.

[UPDATE: Turns out it's not so unrealistic. One YouTube commenter points out:

"These karts are based on 100cc karts with direct chain drive. If you stop one of these karts the engine stalls. If you lock up the rear wheels the engine stops.

"For the sake of gaming they have introduced a reverse gear (otherwise you wouldn't be able to restart the kart once you'd spun out and come to a complete stop.

"Whats happened is that the reverse gear has the same ratio as gear 1 (the only gear on the kart since its direct chain driven). There for it can go the same speed in reverse."

Thanks to our mates at Destructoid.]