Your Gran Turismo 5 review will be here...

... on release day. Here's why.

Scouring the site for our Gran Turismo 5 review? We know you are - we've read the comments in the forums, and understand if you're getting impatient.

The truth is, we're not going to be able to bring it to you until 8.01am on Wednesday. Yes, that's release day.


That's been requested by Sony directly, and an embargo is in place.

What's more, the Gran Turismo 5 review code only arrived this weekend. So even if there was a way to give you our review early, we wouldn't have had enough time with this mammoth game to do it justice.

It's going to be tough to do so before Wednesday morning, in all honesty - but we've got plenty of caffeine on stand by to help.

We're genuinely sorry. We'd love to be able to offer you our definitive thoughts today or tomorrow. We're finding that many others across the web are in the same boat.

We can promise you that we're busy whipping around GT5's tracks now, and testing out every element of the game we can. We can also tell you that it looks stunning - but you no doubt already knew that from the multitude of gameplay videos online.

In the meantime, we can just offer you a reminder of PSM3's latest impressions of the game - and encourage you to pick up the new issue of OPM, which includes 'the truth' about the game, following a very thorough play-through.