Gran Turismo 5 AI 'has a long way to go' - but game still rocks

OPM shares "the truth" about GT5

Gran Turismo 5 still has work to do as far as computer AI is concerned, but the years of waiting have been worth it.

That's according to the latest issue (#52) of OPM, which puts the racer through its paces to reveal "The truth about Gran Turismo 5" in a chunky six page feature.

"Curious to test my virtual opponents' skill, I slam on the anchors and my immediate followers waste little time in powering past," it reads.

So far, so good for Sony's much delayed racer then.


"But just as things are looking promising, carnage ensues," the feature continues.

"Even though my car is easily avoidable, parked on the side of a wide straight, I watch the rear view hoping the next batch of rapidly approaching cars do the smart thing and veer around.

"They don't, and in that fraction of a second, the impact reverberates beyond the DualShock3.

"Gran Turismo 5's AI remains a long way short of passing the Turing Test."

OPM goes on to say that it seems as though AI has lost some much needed attention to other areas of the game such as graphics and content.

Ultimately, though, the mag labels the game as "unquestionably the most complete Gran Turismo experience to date. All those years waiting have been worth it."

Perhaps it would have been too much to expect a perfect game, even after all this time.

One of GT5's other foibles is that kart racing can be won in reverse, as a hilarious video revealed earlier today.

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