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EA canned NBA Elite 11 because 'it was a bad game'

Development head "proud" of decision not to release sub-par product

Andrew Wilson, head of worldwide development for EA Sports, has said the firm decided to bin NBA Elite 11 because the game simply wasn't up to scratch.

"Ultimately, it was just going to be a bad game," he told IGN. "We're proud that we made the choice to not just put something out there that wasn't good."

EA Canada developed NBA Elite 11 was delayed back in September over gameplay quality concerns, before being axed in early November, just a week before its scheduled launch.

Wilson added: "I think that the goal of reinventing how people play basketball games and giving the gamer infinitely more control over the outcomes that appear on the screen in front of them, was something that just needed to take longer than we had.


"We knew the goal was aggressive. But at the same time, we believed it was an important enough goal for the gamer, who'd been playing basketball games in a very similar way for a very long time."

Following the decision to bin the game, EA reorganised its EA Sports brand and dismissed EA Canada's studio manager.

NBA Elite 12 development will now be handled by Madden NFL maker EA Tiburon.