iOS 4.2 out: iPad gets Game Center, multitasking

"iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product," says Jobs

iPad owners can finally access some of the biggest new features iPhone users have been enjoying in recent months; multitasking and the Game Center.

Both have been added to the tablet's operating system in the 4.2 iOS update, which you can now download and install via iTunes.

The Game Center is Apple's shot at an Xbox Live-style system that ties gamers together with friends lists, play with others via invites or public matchmaking and earn achievements.

iPad users can now also get their tablet to multitask, with select apps able to run in the background while you perform other actions. Double-tapping the Home button at any time will bring up a panel listing recently-used apps (including those running in the background), allowing you to jump from one app to another without having to go back to the Home menu.

iPad users can now also make folders for apps and have a unified inbox for emails. Meanwhile all iDevice users can take advantage of a new AirPlay feature, which lets you stream music wirelessly to an Apple TV device, or use AirPrint to wirelessly print stuff via compatible printers.

Other updated features include Find My iPhone (iPad, iPod Touch) - a device locating app - that is now free to use, a TV show rent option, a word-finding option in Safari, and a bunch more. Hit the official Apple site for more info.